The proper application of the models, which describe the particulate environment of the Earth and it’s potential effects on spacecraft, and the tools based on these models is an expert task. It requires a sound technical and theoretical background, experience in the application of tools and especially the knowledge and ability to interpret and explain the results provided. We offer to provide this know-how to your project, performing the assessment for you by our experienced staff.

etamax space stands for Decades of Experience in Impact Risk Assessment and Mission Safety!



Our heritage includes:

  • participation in the development of ESA’s MASTER (Meteoroid and Space Debris Terrestrial Environment Reference) model,
  • participation in the development of ESA’s Space Debris Mitigation Handbook,
  • Participation in the development of DRAMA – ESA’s Debris Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis tool
  • development of ESABASE2 – ESA’s standard risk assessment tool,
  • many risk assessment consultancies for European Space Industry.

Our impact risk assessment services include:

  • establishment of satellite geometrical model,
  • establishment and justification of the mission damage susceptibility approach,
  • selection and justification of the environment models and failure equations,
  • 3D M/OD analyses by means of the ESABASE2/Debris software,
  • discussion of the results vs. requirements and provision of design improvement recommendations,
  • documentation and detailed discussion of the analysis results.

Additional services for mission safety can be provided by etamax space:

  • space environment analyses (e.g. effects of atomic oxygen)
  • collision risk assessment and avoidance manoeuvre planning
  • re-entry safety analysis

The results provided by etamax space

  • enhance the mission safety,
  • address the requirements posed by the respective standards (e.g. ISO 24113 and subsequent standards; European Code of Conduct for Space Debris Mitigation, etc.) and
  • are qualified to support the acceptance process at ESA.

Under application of ESABASE2, ESA’s standard risk assessment tool developed by etamax space, we are supporting the European Space Industry with the required expertise. You can download this information also as a Flyer for our analyses services.

Recommended steps to order a consultancy service:
  1. Please contact us, e.g. via e-mail, with “Debris Risk Assessment Service” in the subject line.
  2. We will send you a questionnaire, asking for details of the required assessment. Alternatively, you can download the questionnaire.
  3. You send the completed questionnaire back to us.
  4. We provide you an offer, detailing both the level of the assessment and associated costs.
  5. Upon receipt of your purchase order, we will perform the assessment (usually within 1-3 months, depending on the complexity).

Space debris and micrometeoroid assessments require your spacecraft geometry, material and mission details, and usually result in PNP (probability of no penetration) or PNF (probability of no failure) details as well as shielding layout checks and recommendations for shielding and/or mass optimisation.