FEV etamax offers a variety of ESABASE2 trainings to make you familiar with all aspects of the tool. Each of the training modules is offered via three types of training (see table below) to properly respond to your training needs.

Module A – ESABASE2 basics

Become familiar with the necessary basics to efficiently operate ESABASE2. Profit from the knowledge of the ESABASE2 developers, providing a comprehensive introduction and hands-on training of the following features:

  • the ESABASE2 framework (editors, interfaces)
  • available space environment models and their physical background
  • pre- and post-processing capabilities

Duration: 1 day

Module B – ESABASE2 practice (M/OD)

Run through a realistic risk analysis scenario and perform a M/OD risk analysis from end to end. Learn about the proper selection of the physical models and the analysis features offered by the ESABASE2 framework:

  • selection of the M/OD model and damage equations and their associated parameters
  • running the analysis
  • interpretation of results

Duration: 1 day

Module C – ESABASE2 practice (other modules)

Domain specialists will train you on the proper selection and application of physical models offered by the ESA-BASE2 framework such as

  • Contamination/Outgassing (COMOVA)*
  • Sunlight
  • Atmosphere/Ionosphere

Duration: 1 day

* COMOVA training is provided by ONERA‘s outgassing and contamination experts.

If you are interested in participating in a course, please contact us indicating which Type and Modules you are interested in.
Note: Registrations will be handled on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis. Acceptance of the registration is subject to the required min./max. number of participants.

Course Fees for Different ESABASE2 Training Courses
Licensed items Type I (Standard) Type II (On-Site) Type III (Consulting Service)
Location: etamax premises, Braunschweig** at customer premises* negotiable*
Participants: min. 3, max. 8 min. 3, max. 8 max. 2
Costs per participant:
Module A (mandatory) 525 EUR 625 EUR n/a
Module A + B 975 EUR 1175 EUR n/a
Module A + C on request on request n/a
Expert consulting services of varying content as agreed with the customer. n/a n/a 1350 EUR/day

* Inside Germany, a travel allowance of 200 EUR per commenced training/consulting day will be charged. All prices are net prices without VAT.
** Online courses are also possible