ESABASE2 3.0 Release Notes

by Karl Dietrich Bunte • March 9th, 2010

ESABASE2 3.0 Release Notes

These release notes include all features, updates, extensions and bug-fixes included in ESABASE2 since release 2.0.


  • BAS Import:
    • REMOVE is now supported.
    • A progress bar was added to display progress information during the import.
  • Geometry Editor:
    • Material handling has been added:
      • The Geometry Wizards provide a new wizard page to define materials and assign them to surfaces.
      • All materials are stored within a library which can be extended by user-defined materials.


New applications:


  • Capability to analyse the incident energy
    • of the Sun,
    • of planet albedo and
    • of planet infrared radiation

on a geometry, and its absorption by the surfaces of the geometry.

  • Consideration of shadowing, reflection and transmission effects.
  • Additional material attributes (for absorptivity, reflection and transmission) are provided via the material editor.
  • Sunlight provides geometrical analysis only.


COMOVA (COntamination Modelling Outgassing & Vent Analysis Tool):

  • Developed by ONERA and HTS in 2000.
  • Modelling of molecular contamination on spacecraft’s external surfaces.
  • Including solvers for geometric analysis and ground test.
  • Additional Geometry Editor page for COMOVA specific geometry attributes.



  • Capability to analyse the flux of several gas types (atoms and ions) on an orbiting geometry (up to 2000 km altitude).
  • Several atmosphere and ionosphere models included.
  • Consideration of wind effects (wind models).
  • Geometrical and non-geometrical analysis capabilities (similar to the Debris application).
  • Display of atmosphere model specific parameters.
  • New atmosphere models: JB2006 and NRLMSISE00.
  • New ionosphere model: IRI2007.
  • Wind model: HWM93 (Atmosphere and Ionosphere applications).



  • All applications now provide a printing option for listing files.
  • The result editors have been extended by an option to save the 3D view as JPEG or PNG.


Bug fixes:

  • 20 smaller bugs have been fixed.