ESABASE2 7.0 Release Notes

by Anatoli Miller • December 10th, 2015

ESABASE2 7.0 Release Notes

These release notes include all features, updates, extensions and bug-fixes included in ESABASE2 since release 6.1.


  • The Sun-Earth libration points L1 and L2 are now available in the mission file for analyses.
  • Updated the Software User Manuals available via the “Help” button.
  • The Eclipse version is updated to Juno.
  • The used Java version is updated to Java7.
  • Several modification of GDML files handling/ import/ export (e.g. definition of the GDML file name by user during the export, GDML-Cube side definition, handling of multiple Boolean operations during import/ export, etc.)


  • NASA’s most current debris environment model ORDEM 3.0 is now integrated and can be used for analysis.
    IMPORTANT: To make use of ORDEM 3.0 NASA requires to close a Software Usage Agreement. After reception of the signed document we will provide an ORDEM 3.0 installation package.
  • MASTER 2009/Divine-Staubach implementation was revised for better performance.
    Now MASTER 2009 application is performed once (debris) or six times (meteoroids) before the orbital points handling, instead of a run for each orbital point.
    This change applies for the conventional runs, the implementation for analyses with trajectory files was kept.
  • Shift of the reference values of velocity bins in the case of MASTER 2009. Due to this handling modification better result compliance with the stand-alone MASTER 2009 application could be achieved, especially for GEO.
  • Now it is possible to use the same BLE with varying parameters for different walls in an analysis.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug in the mission editor that concerns the use of perigee and apogee altitudes as input.
  • Fixed the orbit visualisation for the case of the use of perigee and apogee altitudes as input.
  • Fixed the erroneous scaling of the debris editor after some working time.
  • Modified the ESA Triple equation and McHugh Richardson glass equation (reference parameters) to comply with IADC Protection Manual.
  • Fixed the automatic RAAN calculation for SSO orbits.
  • To avoid the non-display of the result graph in Groundtest due to minimum velocity of zero, the minimum velocity is internally adjusted to 0.5 km/s if 0 km/s is entered as minimum velocity.
  • Several bugs have been fixed concerning the GDML import/ export.
  • The default streams location was updated.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.


  • A new version (1.11) of the Framework User Manual was established.
  • A new version (1.7.1) of the ESABASE2/Debris User Manual was established.
  • A new version (1.5) of the ESABASE2/Debris Technical Description was established.

Known Issues:

  • Due to the introduction of the element normal features the 3D result presentation of some result files
    generated with previous releases cannot be rendered (Listings and 2D results can be used).