ESABASE 2 – Overview

ESABASE2 is a software application (and framework) for space environment analyses, which play a vital role in spacecraft mission planning. Currently, it encompasses Debris/Meteoroid, Atmosphere/Ionosphere, Contamination/Outgassing and Sunlight analysis capabilities. With these, it complements other aspects of mission planning like thermal or power generator design.

The application grew from ESABASE2/Debris, an application for space debris and micro-meteoroid impact and damage analysis, which in turn is based on the original ESABASE/Debris software developed by different companies under ESA contract. ESABASE2 adds a modern graphical user interface enabling the user to interactively establish and manipulate three-dimensional spacecraft models and to display the selected orbit. Analysis results can be displayed by means of the color-coded surfaces of the 3D spacecraft model, and by means of various diagrams. ESABASE2 is continuously evolving by extending the available features and adding new funktionalities, e.g. extending applicable trajectories, adding different celestial bodies and the most current space debris and meteoroid environment models.