How to get an ESABASE2 Licence

Step 1: Make sure that you meet the licence and system requirements which can be found below.
Step 2:
Please register for an ESABASE2 licence.
Step 3:
etamax will check your request and send the corresponding licence agreement and support contract.
Step 4:
Upon signature of the contract by the licencee, the software will be provided via a dedicated personal download link.

  • Generally, licenses can only be granted to companies and institutions coming from ESA member states.
  • Requests from companies and institutions residing in non ESA member states will have to be approved by ESA’s Technology Tranfer Board (TTB). etamax will forward your request to the TTB and will keep you informed about its status.
  • The conclusion of a Support Contract with etamax space is mandatory. The Support Contract Class depends on the intended use of ESABASE2, and on the type and size of the company or institution in case of entities from ESA member states. Entities from non member states will always have to conclude a Class A contract.
Support Contract Conditions & Fees

The fees related to the support contract classes are listed below.

  • Class A contracts: Large Companies/System Integrators, Large Research Labs, Entities from non-member states of ESA
    • Automatic updates
    • Priority user support at reasonable best effort level
  • Class B contracts: SME’s, Small Research Labs
    • Automatic updates
    • User support at reasonable best effort level
  • Class C contracts: Students, Universities, Space Agencies
    • No automatic updates
    • Basic support
    • For educational use only (Students and universities)
    • For internal use only
      • tool not to be used for commercial project work
      • tool not to be used for work for customers which themselves would require a class A or a class B support contract
    • Publication of results only upon acceptance by etamax or ESA/ESTEC/TEC-EPS

If you intend to use the ESABASE2 framework in the context of the CIRSOS package, please proceed to the registration page and confirm in the field “Intended use of ESABASE2 / Comments” that you are an authorised CIRSOS user.

Recommended System Requirements
Operating Systems Windows 7 or higher; Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
RAM 4 GBytes
CPU 2.0 GHz Dual-Core
Free Disk Space 5 GByte
Yearly Support Fees for Different ESABASE2 Packages
Licensed items Class A Class B Class C
ESABASE2/Framework 2000 EUR 1000 EUR free
ESABASE2/Debris 5000 EUR 2500 EUR free
ESABASE2/Atmosphere, Ionosphere + Sunlight 4000 EUR 2000 EUR free
ESABASE2/Complete (includes all other packages) 8000 EUR 4000 EUR free

* includes ESABASE2 framework support; COMOVA expert support is provided by ONERA