Damage Laws

The design and damage equations implemented in ESABASE2 are freely configurable by means of their relevant parameters. Some common equations with pre-defined parameters are offered via the debris editor.

Single Wall Equations
Thick Plate, Thin Plate, MLI, Pailer-Gruen, McDonnell Sullivan, Gardner, Gardner-McDonnell-Collier, Frost, Naumann-Jex-Johnson, Naumann, McHugh Richardson, Cour Palais

Multi Wall Equations
ESA double, Cour Palais, MLI, Maiden McMillan, ESA Triple, NASA ISS, NASA Shock, NASA Bumper

Crater Size Equations
Thick Plate, Shanbing, Sorensen, Christiansen, Gault, Fechtig, McHugh Richardson, Cour Palais

Clear Hole Size Equations
Maiden, Nysmith Denardo, Sawle, Fechtig

Advanced Hole Size Equations
Aluminium, Silver, Gold, Beryllium Copper, Copper, Steel, Titanium

In addition, user defined damage laws can be linked to ESABASE2 via external freely programmable User Subroutines.