Release 12 of ESABASE2 available!

by Anatoli Miller • August 11th, 2021

The new release includes the following developments:

  1. Various new capabilities have been added – mainly to the ESABASE2/Debris application:

    • Changed to Windows 64bit (no 32bit versions for ESABASE2 release 12)

    • Batch/scripting mode (ESABASE2/Debris) changed to 64bit

    • Interplanetary trajectories support (SPICE or OEM)

    • Orbits around Mercury, Venus and Mars (in Debris application with MEM 3)

    • ESA’s latest space debris model MASTER (8)

    • NASA’s latest meteoroid model MEM 3

    • MEMR2 usable for interplanetary trajectories

    • ESA’s IMEM meteoroid model (interplanetary trajectories)

    • ESA’s IMEM2 meteoroid model (interplanetary trajectories)

    • 5-Figures statistics

    • Additional visualisation and export capabilities for element results

  2. A Linux version of ESABASE2/Debris (release 11, interplanetary extensions not included):

    • Changed to Linux 64bit (no 32bit versions for ESABASE2 release 11)

    • Batch/scripting mode (ESABASE2/Debris) changed to 64bit

    • Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit

    • ESABASE2 will most probably run under all common Linux 64bit distributions

    • All capabilities of the ESABASE2/Framework are also available under Linux 

  3. Trial/demo version of ESABASE2:

    • Changed to 64bit

    • Includes all applications/analysis modules

    • Fully functional

    • Expires after (usually) three months 

IMPORTANT: To make use of NASA’s space debris and meteoroid environment models NASA requires to close a Software Usage Agreement. After reception of the signed document we will provide the corresponding installation package. This applies to ORDEM 3.0 and MEM 3.