ESABASE2 2.0 Release Notes

by Karl Dietrich Bunte • November 10th, 2009

These release notes include all features, updates, extensions and bug-fixes included in ESABASE2 since release 1.4.2.


  • BAS Import:
    • The following shapes/dummyshapes are now supported:
      • CIRCLE
      • CONNECT
      • FACET
      • PLATE
      • POINT
      • PRISM
      • SURFACE
    • Support of the COPY and the MIRROR command
  • STEP Import:
    • Re-design of the import process
    • It is now possible to define more parameters for the NetGen mesher
  • Geometry Editor:
    • Added Geometry Wizards for:
      • Surface
      • Plate
      • Prism
    • It is now possible to define Surface Nodes
    • It is now possible to add materials to surfaces
  • Introduced a logging mechanism
  • A new version of the Software User Manual (SUM) is available


Debris Module:

  • Re-design of the Debris Editor
  • Removed NASA96 Debris Model
  • Removed Cour-Palais Meteoroid Model
  • Added MASTER 2005 Debris Model
  • Added MEM Meteoroid Model
  • Divine-Staubach meteoroid model implementation changed from MASTER 2001 to MASTER 2005
  • Re-design of the listing file output to achieve better readability
  • Introduced a “Slim Result” option for analyses:
    • It is now possible to turn off the generation of 3D results.
    • This reduces memory consumption and shortens the runtime of an analysis.
  • 2D results:
    • 2D plots of flux vs. velocity distributions included in the Debris result files
    • 2D mission average plots are now available for all models where these distributions are available



  • Upgrade to OCC 6.3
  • Upgrade to Java 1.6.0_06
  • Upgrade to Eclipse
  • Upgrade to JFreeReport (now pentaho) 0.8.9
  • Switched from VisAD to JFreeChart 1.0.10 for 2D visulisation
  • Upgrade to NetGen 4.5


Operating Systems:

  • ESABASE2 now supports Windows Vista


Bug fixes:

  • Resolves issues with multi-threading on multi-core machines
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Bug 0001300: The Parabole wizard will no longer crash the application when the specified thickness is too big
  • Bug 0001327: It is no longer possible to import STEP- or BAS-files via the outline
  • Bug 0001077: The sphere shape wizard now matches all sphere properties
  • Bug 0001270: BAS-file names can now be longer than 12+3
  • Bug 0001314: The application will no longer crash when opening a file with a name larger 256 characters
  • Bug 0001357: The application will no longer crash when an object from a STEP import will be pasted into an existing geometry
  • Bug 0001430: Copied objects can now be modified
  • Bug 0001391: All shapes can now be created with the default values of the according wizards
  • Bug 0001362: It is now possible to rename all objects in the outline in the Geometry Editor
  • Bug 0001271: The colours attached to objects in BAS-files will now be imported, too.
  • Bug 0001239: The wireframe mode now works significantly faster
  • Bug 0001413: Copied objects can now be selected
  • Bug 0001422: It is now possible to change to ORBITS variable in the Mission Editor
  • Bug 0001387 + 0001278: ESABASE2 is now able to start even if files were moved or deleted outside of the application
  • Bug 0001298: The application will no longer crash after 4 successful analyses
  • Bug 0001165: It is now possible to create an Antenna via the outline menu in Geometry Editors
  • Bug 0001162: Creation of a Disc in the Geometry Editor is now possible
  • Besides these major bug fixes, 118 smaller bugs were also fixed