Industrial or institutional entities involved in the development of spacecraft, spacecraft equipment/components or space instruments may need to perform risk assessments, shielding layout and/or optimisation to address the effects of space debris and micrometeoroid impacts for a specific mission, but may lack the manpower or expertise to perform the required analyses by themselves.

Based on our long-standing experience in the accomplishment of different analyses for a variety of application cases and customers, we offer our ESABASE2 analysis service. Please be sure that we will be able to efficiently and successfully perform your analysis tasks.

If you are intersted in our ESABASE2 analysis service, we recommend to perform the following steps:

  1. Please contact us, e.g. via email, with “ESABASE2 Analysis Service Request” in the subject line.
  2. We will send you a questionnaire, asking for details of the required assessment.
  3. You send the completed questionaire back to us.
  4. We provide you an offer, detailing both the level of the assessment and associated costs.
  5. Upon receipt of your purchase order, we will perform the assessment (usually within 1-3 months, depending on the complexity).

Debris and micrometeroid assessments require your spacecraft geometry, material and mission details, and usually result in PNP (probability of no penetration) or PNF (probability of no failure) details as well as shielding layout checks and recommendations for shielding optimisation.

You can find more information on our experience and offered analysis services on theĀ Analysis-Service page.

Some industrial or institutional entities prefer to obtain an ESABASE2 license to perform the respective analyses on their own. However, ESABASE2 provides various analysis capabilities, meteoroid and space debris models, damage equations, mission and geometry modelling options. The proper use of the ESABASE2 software requires, due to the complexity of the underlying models, a sound technical and theoretical background and especially knowledge and ability to interpret and explain the results. For a faster access and the generation of an adequate working base for an effective day-by-day work FEV etamax offers different trainings modules.

You can find more information on the offered training courses on the Training page.

If you are interested in training courses please contact us.