Overview of ESABASE2 offerings

ESABASE2 is available in various bundles. Each bundle is based on the ESABASE2 framework which is used for geometry modelling and exchange and for orbit definition. The different applications are available as plug-ins to the framework. Esabase2 provides the following bundles


ESABASE2 provides its users with all means to perform reliable and highly efficient analyses for various engineering disciplines in space-system design. Its up-to-date architecture and interfaces make it a valuable contribution for a more efficient spacecraft design.

ESABASE2 stands for

A state-of-the-art PC based tool

Sophisticated modelling capabilities (spacecraft pointing and kinematics; shadowing effects, …)

A framework based on Open Source components.

Comprehensive data exchange capabilities (STEP, GDML)

Highly ergonomic geometry modelling and viewing capabilities

Short design cycles due to very good performance

Ergonomic result visualisation and post processing capabilities

Open Source components used in ESABASE2

ESABASE2 Graphical Interface

ESABASE2 convinces its users by an ergonomic workflow concept. The user interface is highly configurable and can be customized to fit the user’s preferences. This was achieved by using Eclipse to develop ESABASE2.

Necessary GUI elements to
operate ESABASE2

The menu bar

Tool bar

Editor window which can contain
several pages of editors

The ESABASE2 Explorer window

Outline window

Properties window

Efficiency Through Ergonomics

Duplication of work is minimised by the possibility to combine once established geometries, mission specifications and application parameter settings in any possible way. The interface to external CAD tools like CATIA via STEP files (AP 203, 214) allows the import of existing geometry models.

Features & Capabilities

ESABASE2 Framework

The ESABASE2 / Framework contains both the mission and the geometry editor


Perform risk analyses and consider the risks that are posed by space debris

ESABASE2 Sunlight

Calculate electromagnetic radiation incident onto the surfaces of a spacecraft

ESABASE2 Atmosphere, Ionosphere

Assess fluxes and fluences of the constituents that spacecraft receives


Use contamination, outgassing and went analysis tool COMOVA in ESABASE2