Space Engineering Tool for Debris, Sunlight and Atmosphere Analysis

Welcome to Esabase2

ESABASE2 is a Space Engineering Analysis Tool, which was developed by
FEV etamax under several ESA contracts. The software kernel is based on
the former ESABASE Unix-Version, which now has been integrated into
a state-of-the-art (Windows/Linux) PC-based framework.



Release 13 of
ESABASE2 available!

June 12, 2024

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Release 12.1 of
ESABASE2 available!

February 05, 2024

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Release 12 of
ESABASE2 available!

August 11, 2021

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Demo of ESABASE2
Release 12 available!

August 11, 2021

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The Topic

In space-system design, many different engineering disciplines must be applied to derive the requirements and analyze the behavior of the system. A tool-based risk analysis is needed to provide the design engineer with the necessary information to identify spacecraft components requiring protection from various space environmental effects.

ESABASE2 addresses these problems by providing the means to establish a common analysis model, incorporating both the geometry of the system and other relevant data such as surface and material properties. Other commonly required data such as orbital position and attitude (pointing) may also be generated in standard formats. This data can then be used as input for any of the analysis modules accessible from ESABASE2.

International Space Station window to earth

The Tool

ESABASE2 is a software application (and framework) for space environment analyses, which plays a vital role in spacecraft mission planning. The analysis capabilities it possesses complement various aspects of mission planning like thermal or power generation design. Currently, it encompasses these analysis capabilities of the ESABASE2:

Core of ESABASE2

The core of ESABASE2 is the OpenFrontier Framework, which provides wizards for the generation of spacecraft geometry models, and enables the import of ESABASE BAS files as well as CAD-based geometries via a STEP import filter and GDML files. Editors for the geometry as well as for mission input are available within the framework.

Editor example


ESABASE2 is available under a specific ESA Software License and in connection with a support contract with FEV etamax. A detailed description of the license conditions is given on the Licensing page. If you are interested in an ESABASE2 license, please go to the Registration page and follow the instructions.

Evolution history

The application grew from ESABASE2/Debris, an application for space debris and micro-meteoroid impact and damage analysis, which in turn is based on the original ESABASE/Debris software developed by different companies under ESA contract. ESABASE2 adds a modern graphical user interface enabling the user to interactively establish and manipulate three-dimensional spacecraft models and to display the selected orbit. Analysis results can be displayed by means of the color-coded surfaces of the 3D spacecraft model, and by means of various diagrams.

ESABASE2 is continuously evolving by

Extending the
available features

Adding the most current space debris
and meteoroid environment models.

Adding different
celestial bodies

Extending applicable

Adding new

The Service

As an alternative to using our tools, we offer to perform risk assessment for space debris and micrometeroids on a contract basis for industrial or institutional users.


Some industrial or institutional entities prefer to obtain an ESABASE2 license to perform the respective analyses on their own. However, ESABASE2 provides various analysis capabilities, meteoroid and space debris models, damage equations, mission and geometry modelling options. The proper use of the ESABASE2 software requires, due to the complexity of the underlying models, a sound technical and theoretical background and especially knowledge and ability to interpret and explain the results. For a faster access and the generation of an adequate working base for an effective day-by-day work FEV etamax offers different trainings modules


Industrial or institutional entities involved in the development of spacecraft, spacecraft equipment/components or space instruments may need to perform risk assessments, shielding layout and/or optimisation to address the effects of space debris and micrometeoroid impacts for a specific mission, but may lack the manpower or expertise to perform the required analyses by themselves.

Based on our long-standing experience in the accomplishment of different analyses for a variety of application cases and customers, we offer our ESABASE2 analysis service. Please be sure that we will be able to efficiently and successfully perform your analysis tasks.


Debris and micrometeroid assessments require your spacecraft geometry, material and mission details, and usually result in PNP (probability of no penetration) or PNF (probability of no failure) details as well as shielding layout checks and recommendations for shielding optimisation.


Please contact us, e.g. via email, with “ESABASE2 Analysis Service Request” in the subject line.


We will send you a questionnaire, asking for details of the required assessment.


You send the completed questionaire back to us.


We provide you an offer, detailing both the level of the assessment and associated costs.


Upon receipt of your purchase order, we will perform the assessment ( 1-3 months, depending on the complexity).