Release 12 of ESABASE2 Available!

The new release includes the following developments:

Various new capabilities have been added – mainly to the ESABASE2/Debris application

Changed to Windows 64bit (no 32bit versions for ESABASE2 release 12)

Batch/scripting mode (ESABASE2/Debris) changed to 64bit

Interplanetary trajectories support (SPICE or OEM)

Orbits around Mercury, Venus and Mars (in Debris application with MEM 3)

ESA’s latest space debris model MASTER (8)

NASA’s latest meteoroid model MEM 3

MEMR2 usable for interplanetary trajectories

ESA’s IMEM meteoroid model (interplanetary trajectories)

ESA’s IMEM2 meteoroid model (interplanetary trajectories)

5-Figures statistics

Additional visualisation and export capabilities for element results

A Linux version of ESABASE2/Debris (release 11, interplanetary extensions not included)

Changed to Linux 64bit (no 32bit versions for ESABASE2 release 11)

Batch/scripting mode (ESABASE2/Debris) changed to 64bit

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit

ESABASE2 will most probably run under all common Linux 64bit distributions

All capabilities of the ESABASE2/Framework are also available under Linux

Trial/demo version of ESABASE2

Changed to 64bit

Includes all applications/analysis modules

Fully functional

Expires after (usually) three months

IMPORTANT: To make use of NASA’s space debris and meteoroid environment models NASA requires to close a Software Usage Agreement.
After reception of the signed document we will provide the corresponding installation package. This applies to ORDEM 3.0 and MEM 3.