Release 10 of ESABASE2 is Available!

The new release includes the following developments:

Various new capabilities have been added – mainly
to the ESABASE2/Debris application:

Batch/scripting mode (ESABASE2/Debris)

Results post-processor (ESABASE2/Debris)

NASA’s latest meteoroid model MEMR2 (ESABASE2/Debris)

Improvement of the STEP (AP 203/214) import of large geometrical models

Improvement of the GDML interface

A Linux version of ESABASE2/Debris was established and is available now:

Includes all features of the Windows version

Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32bit

NASA’s latest meteoroid model MEMR2 (ESABASE2/Debris)

ESABASE2 will most probably run under all common 32bit Linux distributions

All capabilities of the ESABASE2/Framework are also available under Linux

A trial/demo version of ESABASE2 is available:

Includes all applications/analysis modules

Fully functional

Expires after (usually) three months

The ESABASE2 licensing and distribution procedure has changed:

Use of a license management tool

Two-stage user registration process

Dedicated licenses for each distributed package

Machine binding of each license

Explicit expiration date of each license

Distribution via a dedicated download link