ESABASE2 6.1 Release Notes

These release notes include all features, updates, extensions, and bug fixes
included in ESABASE2 since release 6.0.


It is now possible to activate the display of the element normals for an object on the meshing side of the Geometry Editor.

It is now possible to invert the element normals of the OCC mesh via Geometry Editor.

Due to the implemented features the OCC mesher is compatible with more geometries.

Bug Fixes

Includes Patch 1 (Fixed the use of default shield parameter with user subroutine).

Fixed the shield parameter read-in process for the non-geometrical analysis. Problems could occur if the analyzed wall was not the first one.

Introduced the possibility of inverting the element normals for OCC mesh if they show inside the body after meshing.

Several minor bugs have been fixed.

Known Issues

Due to the introduction of the element normal features the 3D result presentation of some result files
generated with previous releases cannot be rendered (Listings and 2D results can be used).