ESABASE2 / Debris

The ESABASE2/Debris application can be used to perform risk analyses appropriately consider the risk posed to a spacecraft by the space debris and meteoroid environment based on the latest environment models. Geometry models can be extended to contain shielding parameters for those fully three-dimensional analyses taking into account geometrical shadowing effects and secondary ejecta.

The following environment models are available:


  • NASA90
  • ORDEM2000
  • MASTER 2001
  • MASTER 2005
  • MASTER 2009
  • MASTER 8
  • ORDEM 3.0


  • GrĂ¼n
  • MEM
  • LunarMEM
  • MEMR2
  • MEM 3
  • Divine-Staubach
  • Jenniskens (meteoroid stream model)
  • IMEM
  • IMEM2

Furthermore, the Debris application allows to apply several pre-defined, but configurable state-of-the-art failure and damage laws. In addition, the user can use his own failure and damage equations via the so called “user subroutine” interface.