Results Editor

A result file provides all results that are generated by ESABASE2 as text result files and in terms of 2D and 3D graphics. When a result file is opened, it is loaded into a result editor (s. screenshot below). This editor contains four pages:

  • Notes: user notes on this ESABASE2 run
  • Listing: tabled results
  • 3D Results: results mapped onto the 3D spacecraft model
  • 2D Results: 2D results of the selected debris/meteoroid model


Via the context menu, the user can select which type of results shall be mapped on the spacecraft model (e.g. impact flux, failure flux, …), and whether the results of the complete mission, an orbit arc, or of a single orbital point shall be displayed. Additional options allow the selection of the generation of 2D charts of various analysis results vs. time for a specific spacecraft surface element.